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About Beige Garage Floor Epoxy With Flakes

Beige Epoxy with flakes is the 2nd most common garage floor epoxy for a reason, only to grey epoxy. It protects the concrete from normal wear and tear. Epoxy covering will correct previous damage to a concrete floor and will preserve your garage floor for many years to come. The speckled look of the epoxy garage floor will not only be leasing to the eye, but also be very functional. There are also many other benefits of having a beige epoxy garage floor with flakes.

Benefits of Color

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The benefits of having a beige epoxy garage floor with flakes is that dirt and other forms of wear on the floor is vague compared to other lighter or solid colors of epoxy.

Benefits of Flakes

The flakes in the epoxy coating are what give the epoxy color. This helps the epoxy to be very tough against impacts, stains, cracks, chemicals, and surface abrasions. The flakes can be combined as many different color combination to mask off chips and cracks. Beige, however, is the most popular color among the variety of colors.

Beige Garage Floor Epoxy Durability

The durability of epoxy garage flooring does not compare to other types of garage floor coverings. It is able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic. Stains, grease, moisture, and cracks are protected by the durable material of epoxy. The lifespan of epoxy floors is much longer than many other types of floors. They produce and extremely durable floor.

Benefits of Anti slip, Clean up and Function

Another benefit of using epoxy on a garage floor is that it reflects light off of the garage floor for enhanced visibility. Epoxy floors are relatively skid resistant and you can increase that by texturizing your floor. Clean up of epoxy floors with flakes can be achieved by using a either a soft bristle broom or a blue commercial dust mop. However, epoxy garage floors are very low maintenance and should not have to be cleaned very often.

Benefits of Design and Aesthetics

A professionally installed epoxy floor will be aesthetically pleasing to not only you, but people that will be entering your garage as well. It creates a shiny, high gloss surface that can significantly increase the brightness of your garage area. One unique benefit of the epoxy floor is that it can be applied in different patterns to be able to identify walkable areas.

Why Partner with Idaho Epoxy Pros?

At Idaho Epoxy pros, we stand by our beige garage floor epoxy with flakes installations by providing a 5 year single residential non transferable subcontractor warranty. Once you have epoxy installed on your garage floor, you will never want a garage floor without it.

Garage Floor Epoxy Color Options

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