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At Idaho Epoxy Pros, we transform your garage to enhance its value, lifestyle and utility. When you partner with Idaho Epoxy Pros, you partner with an experienced garage floor epoxy contractor that prides itself on quality, service, and a finished product you will cherish for the life of your home. Proudly serving Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and surrounding Idaho communities.


Professional Epoxy Paint. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Camel's Back Epoxy

epoxy eagle

Dust Grey Epoxy

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Matte Grey Epoxy

gunmetal grey epoxy

Gunmetal Grey Epoxy

white epoxy boise

Pearly Whites Epoxy

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Galaxy Night Epoxy

cherry mars epoxy boise

Cherry Mars Epoxy

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Coppertop Epoxy

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Boise Eagle Meridian

Epoxy Pro Installation


Does it matter who installs your garage floor epoxy paint? The answer, absolutely.

When you partner with the Idaho Epoxy Pros, you partner with a group of highly experienced and reputable epoxy painting contractors who believe in quality first. We are Idaho owned and operated, bringing professional quality and service to the garage floor epoxy painting industry.

View the Epoxy Installation Guide for additional information.

garage epoxy paint boise eagle idaho

Quality Epoxy Paint Goes A Long Way

High Quality Epoxy Paint


High quality epoxy paint can sometimes be the difference between professional and extremely amateur. While other epoxy painting contractors have been known to water down their epoxy paint, the Idaho Epoxy Pros do the exact opposite. We stand by our epoxy paint, colors, flakes and installation, so you have confidence over time in the design and durability of you garage floor.

View popular epoxy flake colors for additional information.

garage epoxy paint boise eagle idaho

Don't Settle For Cheap

Competitive Pricing


The problem in the epoxy world, is contractors price your job based on an individual's budget. At Idaho Epoxy Pros, we have standard, transparent pricing based on square footage and type of epoxy paint your prefer on your garage floor.

Your'e in good hands with the Idaho Epoxy Pros. Call or email us for an estimate.

Free Garage Floor Epoxy Estimates from Idaho Epoxy Pros.

garage epoxy paint boise eagle idaho

We Warranty Our Epoxy Work

Epoxy Paint Warranty


Every Idaho Epoxy Pro garage floor is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that for single family homes and a one year warranty for non-residential or commercial use. This warranty protects your floor from peeling or bubbling of the garage floor epoxy coating. This warranty is based on the manufacturer's millions of square feet of installations made over the last 10 years where the product has not failed. The Idaho Epoxy Pro epoxy floor coating warranty comes standard and is included in every project.

View warranty page for additional information.

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