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Professional Garage Floor Epoxy Installation Guide

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To provide high quality garage flooring epoxy installations, the correct process must occur to have a long lasting finish. The epoxy experts at Idaho Epoxy Pros have developed a system to ensure high quality epoxy installations and a finished product that every home owner can rely on.

Concrete Grinding & Cleaning

Step 1

In order to properly prepare the garage floor for epoxy installation, it must first be prepared through a state-of-the-art concrete grinding method fitted with a diamabrush pad and a high-powered vacuum system process that includes a dust collection system that vacuums the dust as it grinds. At Idaho Epoxy Pros, we utilize the concrete grinding method over some contractors methods that include acid etching and water pressure cleaning that does not keep the epoxy from peeling, chipping, flaking or developing other imperfections. We at Idaho Epoxy Pros dry grind our floors to reduce moisture and make installation better and faster.

Apply the Epoxy Primer

Step 2

Once the surface of the floor has been ground to the proper finish, primer must be applied. Primer is incredibly important when working with high traffic areas. Before priming, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned. Anything such as dust, dirt, or oil will interfere with the primer’s adhesion. Cleaning solutions designed for bare concrete can be purchased to ensure the optimum canvas for primer. Apply the primer in thin coats using a roller or spray. It is important not to overcoat, as this can result in puddling. We prefer that the primer should dry for at least 2 hours prior to the next step.

Apply 100% Solid Epoxy Paint

Step 3

When the primer is properly dried (please note that humidity will increase drying time), we make sure that the surface is clean and remove any debris. After stirring the epoxy, we will apply multiple coats, as we keep the coats thin and even, depending on epoxy design preference. Failure to do so will result in a lumpy finished product. Never over apply the epoxy, 2-3 coats are recommended for most projects.

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Apply Optional Decorative Flakes and Chips

Step 4

In order to give the floor an appearance similar to granite, optional flecks may be administered by hand. In addition to the cosmetic appeal, it also helps decrease slipping. It is important to work in the correct shoes while disbursing the flecks. The flecks and epoxy need to dry 6-10 hours. At this point, you can use a broom or shop-vac to remove any excess flecks.

Apply Protective Epoxy Sealant

Step 5

Using similar methods as the primer and epoxy application, a clear coat sealant must be brushed on. Sealer keeps the floor lasting longer by adding a durable finish. It is important to follow the instructions provided with your sealer and blend properly. The finished product should be left to dry for 24-36 hours with zero foot or vehicle traffic.

Trust a Professional Epoxy Contractor

As the steps to professionally apply epoxy paint to your garage floor may seem simple and easy, it is important to partner with a experienced contractor to obtain the long lasting results you require. Since the physical aspect of correctly installing garage floor epoxy paint can be quite demanding, it is not recommended that you install your garage floor epoxy on your own, unless you are willing to endure the physical challenges. Lastly, be prepared to be patient. When installing garage floor epoxy paint, you must allow each step to be procured correctly. Be prepared for a 48 hour installation process at minimum. In the end, an garage floor epoxy is well worth it and will satisfy for years to come.

Garage Floor Epoxy Estimates Get an Estimate


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