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Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy Color Flakes

Adding Color Flakes to Your Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy Color Flake is an ideal flooring product for use on concrete floors, interior and exterior, and areas like basements, workshops, and garages. Vinyl chips are blended with epoxy, creating a random design, and resulting in a permanent, seamless, coating solution that looks as beautiful as granite, marble, and quartz. One huge benefit of an epoxy color flake is that it doesn't peel or fade.

Adding Flake to Your Garage Floor

Decorative, vinyl, epoxy flake is frequently used because it is:

  • Economical and 100% Renewable
  • Durable
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Improves Traction
  • Increases Safety
  • Creates a Granite Look
  • Creates an Abstract Look - Depending on Selection

Other kinds of pre-engineered flooring can get expensive, and are just not as durable as these beautiful, flake, resin-coated floors. Flake provides unbeatable abrasion and chemical resistance, and it can also be custom colored. Maintenance is as simple as using soap and water for clean-up, and years down the road if you want to renew it, it only requires applying a new top coat to bring it back to full luster. The coating is also germ and moisture resistant. Epoxy color flake creates a sound-minimizing layer of insulation that other flooring can't beat.

Safety, Function, and Aesthetics

Another benefit of flake flooring is that it's anti-slip, and functions great in a variety of circumstances. You can drive on it, enjoy garage projects, complete shop activities, and enjoy the way your new floor is genius at camouflaging damage and stains. An awesomely unique coating, flake color chips are a patented combination of resin, filler, and pigment. Random-shape gives each space customized texture and always results in a random, yet standard size blend that enhances a coated environment beautifully.

Installation of epoxy color flake in your shop or residence will improve the beauty and value of your space and give you a great return on investment. You can choose metallics, custom size for a unique pattern and any color you can dream up, or select from pre-mixed options. One application will last for years and you can pick it up at your local home improvement store.


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