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Benefits of Epoxy Garage Flooring

Garage Floor Epoxy Provides a Ton of Benefits & Value. A Few of Them Might be New to You

Most garage floors are simply plain gray concrete susceptible to oil and grease stains. In addition to stains, the concrete may eventually start to crack and wear away, especially if it is where you do most of your car repairs.

However, you can reduce damage to your garage floor; add some color, design and extreme durability by giving that old concrete an epoxy floor coating.

1. Eye-Catching Epoxy Flooring Designs

Your garage floor does not have to be that drab concrete. If you spend a good deal of time in your garage, for example it's your "man cave," give it an upgrade with epoxy floor designs.

Epoxy coatings can mimic natural stones like marble or create a geometric design with the coating. You can add metallic flakes to the epoxy to give it the appearance of granite or quartz.

2. Oh, the Colors!

Just use your imagination and you can find the colors to match. Whatever you want your garage to be, there is a color out there for you. You can do the floor in your favorite sports team colors or create a floor that accents the color of your car.

Tip: Some darker colors may show dirt and dust so you may need to clean it more often to allow the colors to shine.

3. Epoxy Floors Provide Maximum Durability

Epoxy bonds fast and hard to the concrete flooring under it, making it much stronger than the original concrete floor. This makes it the perfect solution for high traffic areas like your garage.

If your garage is your primary workshop, you can have the peace of mind that your epoxy flooring will withstand just about anything you do with it. You can drop heavy tools, bring in heavy machinery or anything you need to finish your project or repair your car and the floor will handle it.

4. Garage Floor Epoxy is Stain Resistant

It is not easy changing the oil in your car or adding any fluids without the occasional or frequent spills. A concrete or cement garage floor does not stand up against stains like epoxy will.

If you give your old floor an epoxy coating, it will remain stain resistant and impervious to soaking up oil spills that you could track into other parts of your home.

5. Epoxy Flooring is More Than Just a Luxury Item

Having an epoxy garage floor gives your work space a high-end, luxury look and feel. You can create an inspiring conversation piece out of the floor and make it an area that you enjoy being in.

Unlike some luxury items, however, because of its durability, this flooring is not a delicate decoration. It is also easy to keep clean and polished regardless of what work you do in your garage.

6. Value-Added Investment

If you think you may sell your home in the future, in addition to any upgrades or modernization aspects you do to your home, investing in epoxy flooring in your garage will also add value to your property.

When potential buyers come to see the property, think of how they will feel walking into the garage. While most garage floors are still the dull and unimpressive concrete or cement floors with oil stains and cracks, yours has impeccably clean and virtually maintenance free flooring. For some people, that could be the selling point.

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