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How Does Heat Affect Garage Floor Epoxy?

If you are looking to put epoxy down on your garage floor or other surface in your Boise home, then you nee to have the right strategy. After all, there is no point spending the time and money if you are not going to do it right. But how do you prevent the chipping, melting, and lifting that occurs with so much epoxy? Read below to find out the difference between lower quality and high quality epoxy.

Standard Epoxy

Standard epoxy is okay for some solutions around the house or garage. However, it is made with a lower quality formulation. It will easily flake, chip, and raise up. In addition, it only stands up to heat up until about 150 degrees. That means if you have any high heat applications, you are out of luck. And many times in Boise, it gets quite hot.

High Quality Epoxy

High quality epoxy is different from standard epoxy for a number of reasons. First, the quartz and high heat curing are used to make the epoxy last up to 600 degrees for most applications. In addition, the formulation is more pure, leaving you with better looking epoxy that stands up to the heat. You can tell when a high quality epoxy has been applied because it will last much longer than the other options out there. It can be used for the same projects yet show minimal to no signs of degradation over the same period. For a Boise area home, the extra bit of an investment in high quality epoxy is well worth it.

Safety Measures

When installing and utilizing epoxy paint in hot Boise temperatures, you need to take a number of precautions. First of all, PPE (personal protection equipment) is always a must. This means proper eye wear to prevent injury from back splatter, as well as epoxy rated gloves to reduce chemical exposure are both necessary. Thirdly, proper ventilation should be used to increase the circulation of fresh air.

When it comes to epoxy, they are not all created equally. Some of them will give you a great layer of protection on your floor. If you use higher quality, it will prevent the epoxy from chipping, flaking, and coming up between certain temperatures. Therefore, make sure you are getting the most for your money and use epoxy that can last.

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